Thursday, September 24, 2009

You have a WHAT in your pants?

Sunnie, a dispatcher, sent in these gems (to

A man who changed his name from something quite normal (Steven Smith, or the like) to Jiggley Boy M. Paris A. Satan. I guess it's not always parents who commit naming crimes.

Lasedrick Bloodsaw. Yeah, that's a real dude's name. Look at it again. LASEDRICK. It's not what you think. But I know what you were thinking. Kind of sexy, huh?

And Sunnie writes,

"And one more for you, fresh from the field! A woman today told me her
daughter's middle name was (pronounced) "Elsie", so I asked "starting
with an E, like Edward?" And she said "No, it's L-dot-C". What, she
wasn't good enough for a middle name, so she only gets initials?"

L.C I don't believe it. Well, on the positive side, she has the perfect name for a respectable author, which is better than having the perfect name for a respectable stripper, which is what Turquoia, another of Sunnie's real-life submissions, got from her parents.

Thanks, Sunnie. Keep 'em coming.

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  1. You should make an "almost but not quite pornographic" tag.