Thursday, September 24, 2009

I would not, could not in a box.

From Yahoo Answers:

Do you like this girl nameS?

Do you like Aristella Rachele
Marlee Animaila

Which name do you prefer?

Grey or Keavan?

Keavan is like Kevin, only a kee sound intead of a kev sound (kee-vin) i realize they might not be your style but please just pick one.

What do you think of this name for a little blonde boy?

I came up with this name it's chadison like madison but with chad in front we would call him chad but his full name would be chadison be honest

[what about a full-grown blonde man named Chadison? We're not just naming little wee babbies, remember.]

What sounds better or cuter?

No ugly comments please about spelling just would like to know what is cuter or better then thee others



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