Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Break out the granola!

Another forum post:


I'm expecting a boy on October 3 and need an earthly name to go with my other childrens names which are Wave, Tide, Storm and Rain. My husband came up with Marine but on paper it looks too girly to me, what do you think? And we also want to have a middle name beginning with "M" that doesn't necessarily have to be earthly. Would Marine work with a middle name also beginning with M or would it crash and burn?


Let it be known that L loves "earthy" names. Being a nature nerd, I am down for names like Storm, as long as there's a more typical middle or first name to go with it, so the kid has a fallback in case he or she hates it. However, this theme naming b.s. I just can't get behind. It smacks of the Duggars and their creepy army of J-named kids.

Marine for a boy? I'm glad this ma asked for input from others before she went with it. That's a mermaid name if I ever heard one.

Check out some of the alternative suggestions she received from well-meaning baby-namers, though. Would you give your kid any of these names? Especially a boy?


Harbor, Breeze, Frost, Lake, Ridge, Reef, Timber, Ocean, Wade ('cause it's a WATER THEME, GET IT?), Solar Memphis, Nile, Aqua, Cascade.


Some of these names were suggested for Theme Mama because the people making the suggestions know kids who already have these names. Oi.

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