Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My goodness! Where did all the love come from?

All of a sudden, people are commenting on this blog. I'm surprised. I honestly thought G and I would just shout into the void here until we got bored, but apparently at least a few of you are amused. Especially Clairy.

S'pose we'll keep it going, then.

Many of you have posted some deliciously bizarre names in the comments section. I would love to highlight these as their own special posts, so please, if you want to share any great names, email them to dnyktblog@gmail.com and we will give them their much-deserved time here.

Also, as we all know, blogs only truly rock if they have photos to illustrate their subjects. That's, um, basically impossible here. I don't really have a point to make about the lack of images here. Just...sorry.

If you are amused and/or disturbed by this blog, please share the URL with your friends and family -- unless they have given their children stupid names and would be offended. In that case, please don't. But do tweet, facebook, blog, and otherwise spread the word. The more readers we have, the more horrifying baby names we'll learn of.

<3, L.

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