Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I think this was a troll.

At least, I hope it was a troll.

What first name would flow with the middle name Gomorrah?

Yeah, I'm pretty darn sure that was a troll post, but the people on the baby name forum in question sure took it all serious-like, some of them reacting in horror, and others making honest suggestions.

Ashlyn Gomorrah.
[I think this works. Ashlyn is an evil name, and I can see some pissed-off deity getting sick of all the little Ashlyns running around in their squeaky Hannah Montana shoes and just unleashing a fiery bombardment of, uh, fire on them. Have I mentioned that I'm sick of the name Ashlyn?]

So long as you don't give the kid the first name of Sodom.

Ajax Gomorrah
[a serious suggestion, given among a list of otherwise normal first names, many of them, to my amusement, Biblical in origin.]

It has awkward connotations from the Bible, but personally, I wouldn't let that bother me if I liked the name. Although I would have to think about when my child grows up, how others would react to it. [Ya think?!] Our son is Jack Danger and our daughter is Jade Mischief.

You're worried about the name Ajax because it's a soap...yet you're talking about a name that comes from two towns in the Bible full of people who invented sodomy, and were condemned for it!! I'd rather name my kid after soap than after something that refers to a**rape.

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  1. Jack Danger and Jade Mischief?! I predict two kids who will never, EVER tell anyone their middle names. Sheesh.