Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't ask the internet.

Nearly as bad as the "What do you think of this super-special name I'm considering for my child?" posts are the suggestions others make for moms who haven't decided on a name yet.

One poor gal who's looking for some names similar to Antonio or Maximus -- perfectly acceptable names, if you ask me -- got these suggestions. I ask you: Are they even in the same ballpark?

What about Maksim? Like the dancer from Dancing With the Stars.

Landon, Logan, Lawson. My cousin by marriages sons names. [Great, so their names all sound
trendy and alliterative, and you don't know how to use apostrophes?]

Axel, friend has a son named Urijah.

I love names like Sawyer and Kellon but my stubborn close minded husband won't consider either of them for our potential future son. [smart man. I actually don't dislike Sawyer, but Kellon? Really?]


And finally, the best suggestion ever from a poster on said forum:

Or you can just say fuck it and name him Alexis Paige, and dress him like a girl.

You win the internet, madam. You win the inernet.

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