Friday, September 18, 2009

Really? You've never heard these before?

From a question/answer site:

Unique Names That Are to Cute!

I love differnt names and want to know the strangest and cutest you've heard. I work ina daycare and know so many names that I will have to name my children something i've never heard of b/c i'll always think of that child I knew plus I like different names...Some are
these are girl names and boys all I have is trenton

[Really? You've never heard these before? At your daycare? Where you're taking care of the latest crop of kiddies whose parents decided to give them trendy names, too? Anyway, read on for some suggestions from this site.]

What about paradise for a girl

If the doctor tells me wednesday that i'm having a girl, we'll name her ava elizabeth. if it's a boy, it's destin.

Chrissasia is a beautiful name.

What about: chrishelle, skyanne or sky-anne

Those are some pretty names. I also like: mettea, zakiya, lennon, lachlan

Don't name your kid heaven! Just don't! The other names are cute though. But not Jersey. London...ehhh. [finally, some sense. And she can capitalize most of the time, which speaks in favor of her intelligence.]

[Originator of the thread comes back to say:]

Ah I really like jersey I think that is our defint name if we ever get preggo jersey

[Can I just say that I hate the word "preggo?" Also, for god's sake, learn how to spell.]

Cute and unusual - GIRLS: Teilor Jamison (pronounced Taylor), Saige Winterlynn, Linden Marine, Charleign Haper (pronounced Charleen), Joshlynn Avery, Ainsley, Ellasyn, Jaetyn, Kaylor, Leighton [it's back!], Macyn, Rayan
BOYS: Blaise Nolan, Zayne Ryland, Kayd Alixander, Dayton Parker, Acton, Karston, Madden, Manning, Urban, Zacharee

Okay, yes!! I love weird names. Here is a list of names I've put together. (They all mean something to me...)
MALE NAMES: Fagan Ray, Brogan, Stetson Lee, Anaximander, Thales Reed, Eliezar, Cagney, Jerusalem, Jericho, Jethro
FEMALE NAMES: Sadie Eyre, Aspiasiah, Britain, Denver, Kenzington, Rilee, Holland, Hananiah, Caesarea, Odessa

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  1. How do you even PRONOUNCE "Chrissasia"?

    Gods above. Winterlynn? Joshlynn? Jaetyn? FAGAN RAY?

    Aspiasiah just looks like a disease, and Hananiah reminds me of that poem, "I started to spell 'banana' and I didn't know when to stop."