Sunday, September 6, 2009

Teachers have the best stories.

A teacher and a former teacher's aide shared these gems with me, from classrooms of the recent past:

Sisters Infinitee and Trinitee.
Brother-sister pair Champagne and Reality.
And Antwenet.


  1. Saw another one at work today... "Trameela". I am baffled.

  2. I am a supply teacher in the UK. The following are just a few kids I have taught over the years;

    twins Celine and Dionne
    twins Persephone and Andromeda
    Jack Toth (it just sounds rude to me)
    Gorgia (pronounced Georgia - I think it's a spelling mistake)

  3. I was recently introduced to the sons of an aquaintance. Three boys - Beefy, Ice and er...Nathan. Beefy is the father's nickname and was chosen as the given name of the eldest 'to honour his father', and Ice because 'it's a cool name'(!). I didn't dare ask about Nathan. Oh, and she has a daughter called Mercedes who in turn has a son called Aston. Can you see a pattern emerging? Everyone, I'd like you to meet Ka.

  4. Have to admit, I actually like Persephone. *ducks*