Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm baa-aaack!

Yeah, I let the blog go silent for nigh on a year. Why? Just got bored. But I'm back again now, and hoping to get more reader interaction, which will keep me interested in continuing to post. In the meantime, enjoy some horrors from Yahoo Answers' Baby Names section, easily my favorite place to troll for terrible baby names.

Badass baby name ideas?

I'm still not sure if I'm having a boy or a girl, and I want names that not that many kids have...


heres what i was thinking.

Draven, Legion or Law for a boy

Rayne for a girl

have any more cool name ideas? or a middle name for these? and do u like these, yes or no?
Be honest!!

[responses from the Y!A community:]
Rayne is cool..but if you're looking for badass girl names, you could use: Harley. If you want it more feminized, Harleigh. :) Good luck! :D

[Yeah, the -eigh really puts a girly spin on that whole "giving your daughter the name of a motorcycle brand that is commonly referred to as a 'Hog'" thing.]
Why would you want to give your child a badass names? That's very childish - what about when they grow up, maybe become business people? It'd sound quite silly. Why not a classy, elegant name?
Sorry I just had to say that..

[You know, once in a while a Y!A user will restore my faith in humanity. It doesn't happen often, though....]

Rayne -- sounds like a hippy's name

Boys: Ash, Jett, Hawkin (or Haakon), Zane, Pierce
Girls: Katrina, Victoria, Vanessa, Eve, Phoenix, Musetta (pronounced like Muse-etta)
i don't like any of them. Law? seriously. I'd rather call my kid 'sheriff'. sorry :(

[Word up.]

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  1. Wow. Draven is my favorite. It is SO BAD it's good.