Monday, August 31, 2009

Why? Why are we doing this?

And who the hell are we?

G and L are sisters who have an interest in names. G is a mom who's had to choose unique, fitting, and non-stupid names for children on more than one occasion. L is not a mom, but has always been fascinated by names and the process of naming things. Plus, L works at a zoo and hears parents screaming for their children every day. She is often horrified by the things she hears.

It's an important thing, naming another human being. A name is a unique label. It sets the tone for your child's life. Really, it does. Check out these studies to see what I mean. What you name your child does matter. It's important. Yes, we all want our kids to stand out from the crowd. A classroom or a shopping mall full of Marys and Daves is homogenous. Homogeniety is boring. Nobody wants to associate their child with boredom. But you can go overboard in the quest to give your kid a "unique" label. It's a fine line to walk, between uniqueness and...well, something that may cripple your child emotionally.

The internet has opened the door wide for crazy-ass baby names. Back in The Good Old Days (TM), a mom-to-be had a baby book and a room full of scornful friends and family to help her choose a suitable name for her kid. Now, the scorn is all gone. Instead of mothers-in-law and BFFs raising eyebrows and saying, "Are you SURE you want to name him Bronx Mowgli?" there are like-minded young ladies with stars in their eyes all over Yahoo Answers and baby naming forums, cheering on cutesy syllables, overuse of the letter Y, and every name under the sun that rhymes with Aidan. There is no more filter for baby names anymore. Thanks a lot, internet.

With that in mind, G and L are here to question the sanity of names. You may be surprised at what we do and don't like when it comes to baby names. But we hope you enjoy our blog. And we really, really hope you won't name your kid Jaiydinn.

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